Uses of Sorghum

Uses of Sorghum


The uses of sorghum as food are:

1. Cooked as rice, although it takes longer cooking time and more water. In Palawan, it is

cooked with rice, which they call “hisa.”

2. Could be made into flour, though it needs more water when preparing the dough.

3. Could be made into chocolate farridge, boiled and mixed with grated coconut and sugar,

native cabe, and buchi (fried dough with sweetened mungbean).


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The arrowroot, a root crop, grows in any kind of soil, but it prefers a somewhat shaded area

such as that under the coconut trees, and where rainfall is even the whole year round. Its

roots can withstand typhoon and may be left in the ground for a long time. It will grow from any

small piece of its root crop left in the soil.


Arrowroot is ready to harvest ten months after planting. In ordinary soil, it can harvest about

18 tons per hectare. However, it was proven that if the soil is fertilized with 90 kilos nitrogen

per hectare, the harvest can go up as high as 18 tons per hectare. When the fertilizer was

doubled, the harvest reached 27 tons per hectare.


Uses of the arrowroot plant


The arrowroot is used as food for both man and animal and as materials in the manufacture of

medicines as well as industry, such as:


1. flour from arrowroot is used for baking first class biscuits.

2. for thickening ice cream.

3. like corn, it may be broiled and eaten.

4. as poultry feed, it can be substitute for 25% yellow corn.

5. its item, leaves and wastes are feed for ruminants (cow, goats, carabao).



Canton Noodles with Squash

Canton Noodles with Squash

Because of high cost of harina or flour this project is a good alternative and nutritious too.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Cantoon Noodles with squash is a nutritious noodle prepared from a blend of wheat flour, squash puree, salt, egg and noodle improver. It is golden yellow and a 50 g serving will provide 16%, 20% and 24% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for energy, protein and vitamin A respectively of 4-6 year-old children.

MARKET POTENTIAL:Noodle products are well accepted by all classes of consumers. Children and adults take noodle products not only for their snacks but also for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Noodles are also a favorite celebration food in parties. The competitive advantage of the product over those available in the markets is its high nutritive.


Flour from Squash -Harina mula sa kalabasa

Flour from Squash -Harina mula sa kalabasa

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