Herbal medicine for Headache

Headache may be a symptom of any of the following diseases or conditions:

Emotional stress
Brain tumor
Migraine-sever headache, pulsating in character, usually involving only one half of the head
High blood pressure
Head injury
Eye disease-error of refraction
Disease with fever like colds , flu and others

Let the person rest in a quiet, cool and dimly lighted place. In most cases of headache secondary to fatigue or emotional stress, rest , an ice pack or massage over the forehead and nape would relieve the affliction.
Use any of the recommended medicinal plants. Consult a doctor if there is no relief of the headache after 1 day.
Consult a doctor when any of the following is observed:
The headache is severe enough to awaken the person in his sleep.
There is an increase in frequency and severity of the headache.
The headache is felt after an injury involving the head.
There are other associated symptoms like vomiting, convulsion or loss weight.
The person is known to have high blood pressure.
The headache is felt after reading.

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Herbal treatment for burns

Among the many accidents that occur in children, burns are the most frequent and frightening.
Among the common causes of burns are: Scalds from liquids which maybe due to spillage from hot teas, coffee, soup or hot liquid on the stove
Burns from fire or heat which result from playing with matches which are irresistible attractions to children or when fire breaks out due to an adult’s carelessness or a child’s mischief
Electrical burns
Burns could be prevented through the following measures:
Do not allow children to play near any source of fire. Teach children the danger of playing with fire.
Keep matches away from the cooking area to make sure that pots and pans are beyond their reach.
Take the necessary precautions when dealing with occupations that involve the use of fire
First aid care of burns is meant to prevent shock and to control pain.
A quick estimate of the body surface burned is a guide for action:
All of one leg -18%
All of one arm and head – 18%
Front of the trunk 18%
Back of the trunk 18%
A person with 25% of the body surface burned can develop “burn shock” and may die unless he receives immediate first aid. In burn shock the liquid part of the blood goes to the burned area. There may not be enough blood volume to keep the brain, heart and other organs functioning normally.
Superficial burns
With superficial burns, the upper layer of the skin is burned with redness, swelling and pain but without formation of blisters. The skin is not broken.
Place affected area immediately in cold water or apply cold compress to relieve the pain. Do not apply pomade , cooking oil or coconut oil.
Burns with blister formation
If a blister forms, do not drain. If the blister bursts, take off adjoining skin and clean with soap and water. A suggested medicinal plant may then be applied.
It would be better to leave the burned area exposed to the air. Avoid contamination by insects and files. Never smear or grease.
If the wound cannot be kept clean, cover the burned area with a clean pad or cloth with Vaseline. If there are signs of infection such as pus formation, foul smell, fever and swollen lymph nodes, consult a physician.
Deep or extensive burns
If the burn is sever with gaping flesh or bones, or a big body surface is burned, call a physician immediately or bring to the nearest hospital or clinic. While awaiting medical attention, follow the tips listed above. Wrap the burned area with a clean cloth or towel./
Comfort and reassure the patient because those suffering from severe burn can experience shock. Give aspirin to reduce pain and plenty of liquid to drink.
Medicinal plants for superficial burns

Plant material

Gumamela flower buds, oregano leaves


Use only one of the plant material listed. Express the juice from enough fresh plant material.

Direction for use

Apply the juice on the affected parts. Do this 2 times a day. Maintain cleanliness during the entire procedure.


Plant material
Sabila leaves



Cut off a fresh sabila leaf, extract or collect sufficient juice to cover the affected part. The remaining juice can be extracted when needed.

Direction for use

Apply the juice on the affected part. Wash off the sabila juice after 15 minutes.Do this 2 times a day. Maintain cleanliness during the entire procedure.

Source: guidebook on the proper use of medicinal plants 1991. DOST PCHRD

Dump that damping-off diseases

Dump that damping-off diseases

Best agricultural produce are often derived from good production inputs which include high quality and disease free planting materials.
But the indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides to minimize disease infestation especially during seed germination stage remains to be a formidable challenge for our local farmers today. To address this long-standing problem, a study on the use of Trichoderma as a control agent of damping-off disease in vegetable was conducted by a research group headed by Dr. Virginia C. Cuevas at UP Los Banos. The project, which wa supported by the Bureau of Agricultrual Research (BAR), determined the efficacy of Tricoderma as a biological control agent against the pre emergent and post-emergent damping off diseases in lowland vegetables. The damping off diseases, usually caused by fungal pathogens under moist or damp conditions are fatal to seedlings.

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Botanical effective against ectoparasite

Botanical effective against ectoparasite

Today, societal and scientific concerns regarding exclusive dependency on chemicals have emphasized the need for the development and introduction of cheap and environment friendly pesticide alternatives. One such alternative is the use of botanicals to control ectoparasites in poultry , swine and ruminants.
In a recent study conducted by animal scientist from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos (UPLB) eight botanicals were tested for their efficacy in controlling ectoparasites in poultry and selected ruminants namely: carabao, goat, sheep, cattle and dog.

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