Where to buy Xiaomi phone in the Philippines ?

For those who are looking for xiaomi phone or mi phone here in the Philippines you need to wait until June 26, 2014 at 12 pm , Xiaomi or Mi phone will have it’s first batch of Mi3 to  be sold on Lazada Philippines. Only 3000 Mi3 will be on sale so for sure it will be out of stock in just a matter of minutes or even seconds. The  Mi 3 will be sold at a price tag of 10 599 a very affordable phone the specs it have. Continue reading “Where to buy Xiaomi phone in the Philippines ?”

Sun Cellular signal in Puerto Princessa Palawan

If you are a sun cellular subscriber or user and you are planning to go to Puerto Princessa Palawan or Palawan per see be reminded that to be able to use your sun cellular sim you need to change its setting  to use the signal of smart to be able to receive text or call. Smart and Sun are under the PLDT group and they are now using each others resources. Continue reading “Sun Cellular signal in Puerto Princessa Palawan”

Upgradeable Cellphone Google Ara

Upgradeable Cellphone

Almost every year cellphone company releases a new model and it is  a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. A good thing because you know that technology is moving forward , better processor and gpu for gaming, a better camera for a good selfie. And here comes the bad part…every year if you want to upgrade your phone to a new model it only means you need to spend a lot . Continue reading “Upgradeable Cellphone Google Ara”