Upgradeable Cellphone Google Ara

Upgradeable Cellphone

Almost every year cellphone company releases a new model and it is  a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. A good thing because you know that technology is moving forward , better processor and gpu for gaming, a better camera for a good selfie. And here comes the bad part…every year if you want to upgrade your phone to a new model it only means you need to spend a lot .

Just imagine if your cellphone is just like a desktop computer on which if you just want to increase your processor then replace…! This is the idea behind Project Ara , a cellphone composed of different blocks or module, let say the camera module, processor module, keyboard , memory etc.. In these aspect you don’t need to totally replace your phone every year. You just need to replace the specific module to upgrade. This means a lot of savings for the consumer. In the near future they will call the product as Google Ara.

Here is the video link and the demo about Google Ara starts at 5 minutes.

Project Ara video

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