Jinri Park of PBB

The only reason i am watching the current Pinoy Big Brother 7 (PBB) is because of Jinri Park.  I adore the cuteness and sexiness of Ms. Jinri Park. I do believe she is pure korean and her family migrated to the Philippines when she was still young. A cebuana – Korean with a heart of a Filipina..

Jinri Park Video

Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014

Today is the first day of  Inside Racing Bike Festival 2014. If you are a bike enthusiast you still have until tomorrow to go there and hunt for bargain items…

Here is some picture i took , mostly the models….

inside racing bike festival

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Let it go by Christine Law

Since the movie  Frozen hit the big screen the sound track  “Let it go” has been a global phenomenon.  It is  well admired that a lot of wannabe singers translated it to their native language . Continue reading “Let it go by Christine Law”

Alodia scandal

For those who are really looking for an Alodia scandal or Alodia sex scandal, sorry to say that the currently circulating picture of miss Alodia in a very provocative position wearing only a necktie and lingerie is definitely due to the magic of photoshop.

The culprit? The Alodia Haters?  or The Alodia obsessed? Anyway for sure it will generate some buzz…..

Wait a few days and maybe a  nude pic or even pene type of picture will appear