How to get to Isdaan floating restaurant

How to get to Isdaan floating restaurant

Isdaan floating restaurant is located at Calauan Laguna, it is located along the highway and it is on the right side of the road . It can be easily spotted because of its big statue which is eye catchers. Going to Isdaan floating restaurant in our case we went to JAC liner along Sen. Gil Puyat near Vito Cruz station. We boarded the bus with a signage of Sta. Cruz, it took us two and half hour getting there. Our fare is 112 pesos from vito cruz to Isdaan floating restaurant. In our ticket it say from kilometer post 005 to 073, so approximately it is around 68 km from Manila. Continue reading “How to get to Isdaan floating restaurant”

Al Carlo’s Pension house Puerto Princessa Tour Review

From time to time  you will find a post in metrodeal about a tour package in Puerto Princessa Palawan by Al Carlo’s Pension  house and for your peace of mind i would tell you that this deal is not a scam. We bought a voucher from them a few months ago and we enjoyed our tour with them. Continue reading “Al Carlo’s Pension house Puerto Princessa Tour Review”

Larsian Cebu

Larsian Cebu City


If you visit Cebu it is one of those places you need to visit. At first I thought Larsian is a restaurant, only after arriving to Larsian that I learned that  it is a barbeque place composed of different vendors/stalls. The place is literary smoking due to different foods being grilled/barbequed at the same time. The center aisle serves as the grilling section and in the perimeters the stall and tables are located. Continue reading “Larsian Cebu”

How to get to Nagsasa cove

How to get to Nagsasa cove

Nagsasa cove is located at  San Antonio Zambales.

If you like a camping like beach adventure then this is the place to be.

Currently, the cove is devoid of any hotel, motels or large infrastructures, no celphone signal and electricity. There are just a few houses which served as the caretaker’s house . There are about 2 sarisari store but mind you because the area is secluded, price of commodities are almost double.

There is also a hiking trail that will lead you to a small water fall, although; at summer time these waterfall dries up. Continue reading “How to get to Nagsasa cove”