Corn Growing

Production Guide on Corn




Open Pollinated Varieties


Soil Testing

Soil sample will be collected before plowing for soil analysis. If the soil pH is less than 5.3 limin hould be done to raise the desired soil pH (5.3- 5.5) This will be done one month before planting by broadcasting and followed by plowing to incorporate in the soil.


Land Preparation

The land should be thoroughly prepare by two plowings and harrowings.

Minimum tillage is also recommend by one plowing and glyphosphate + ammonium sulfate application

Furrowing , Basal Fertilizer Application and Planting

In the absence of soil analysis, NOMIARC recommendation is 4 bags complete (14-14-14), 2.6 bags Di-ammonium Phosphate (18-46-0) and 1 bag Muriate of Potash (0-0-60) per hectare. This will provide 51 kg N, 90 kg and 60 kg P and K respectively, for every hectare. Apply fertilizer by drill method. Additional 10 bags of organic fertilizer will be broadcasted along the furrows before planting.

Corn seeds will be planted at one seed per hill, spaced 20 cm between hill and 75 cm between furrows.



Off-barring and spot weeding will be done 12-15 days after planting.


Row weeding, side dressing ad hilling-up

Row weeding is recommended 25-30 days after planting followed by sidedressi. Sidedress 3 bags of Urea (46-0-0). His will provide 69 kg N per ectare. Cover te fertilizer immediately by hilling-up


Insect/ Pest Control


Chemical baiting is a mixture of appropriate insecticide + sugar molasses +corn bran/ricebran

Apply the bait mixture per hill in the afternoon, however, during rainy days this method is not effective.

Corn borer

To control corn borer, apply trichocards 20-25 days after palnting with 100 cards per hectare, space at 10m x m. However, if infestation exceeds the tolerable limit, spray with insecticides at recommended rate.

Another method in controlling pest during tasseling stage is through detasseling. Detassel the first 3 rows and leave the fourth row with tassels. The same pattern should be followed in the succeeding sets of 4 rows . However, if infestation persists over the tolerable limit, spray with insecticides at the recommended rate.


Harvesting and Shelling

The corn is ready for harvest 95-115 days after planting depending upon the variety used. Shelling follows hereafter and dry at 14% MC.


Cost and Return Analysis

Hybrid OPV
Yield (t/ha) 5 3.5
Price/kilo 7 7
Gross Income 35000 24500
Prod’n Cost 15000 9000
Net Income 20000 15500
ROI 133 166


Source:Northern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center

Department of Agriculture Regional Field Unit 10

Dalwangan, Malaybalay City

Pamphlet 2001




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