Fake 1 million perfume vs Original 1 million perfume

Pointers on how to spot an original Paco Rabanne 1 million perfume: Continue reading “Fake 1 million perfume vs Original 1 million perfume”

Fake Drakkar vs Original Drakkar

Here is some pointers to be able to distinguish an original drakkar noir against fake drakkar noir.

First check the price from legitimate seller , if the price being offered to you by other store is less than  50-60 of the original price then be very attentive on the appearance and markings of the perfume bottle and box. Continue reading “Fake Drakkar vs Original Drakkar”

Fake Fahrenheit perfume

You would be surprise to see a lot of  fake perfume being sold in the market. One of my favorite perfume is fahrenheit, i like the scent although most of my friends do hate it a lot… Continue reading “Fake Fahrenheit perfume”

Fake Ultraviolet Man Perfume

Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

To be honest i haven’t seen a fake ultraviolet Man perfume but i have an original one that I could discuss so you could be guided in buying the said perfume. Continue reading “Fake Ultraviolet Man Perfume”