Fake Ultraviolet Man Perfume

Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

To be honest i haven’t seen a fake ultraviolet Man perfume but i have an original one that I could discuss so you could be guided in buying the said perfume.

The box:

The over all color of the box is metallic violet with white stripe, the stripe is embose¬†¬† while the lettering is violet in colar, the word “man” is embose which is colored white. the word “paco rabanne” is embose which is colored silver

Ultraviolet man by Paco Rabanne perfume

underneath the box there is a code which can also be found in the bottle of the perfume

Ultraviolet Man perfume by Paco Rabanne

The bottle

Underneath the bottle of Ultraviolet Man , all the lettering are embose (just ignore the smear/fingerprint)

Ultraviolet man perfume

At the side of the bottle you can find the corresponding code that you could see on the box. The code is etched not printed. The inside of the bottle have a convex portion, illustrated by the black curve line on the picture .

Ultraviolet Man by Paco rabanne

The bottle is uniquely designed that you need to grip and press the bottle so you could use it.

Ultraviolet Man orig

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