Hyundai induction cooker review

I often see induction cooker being sold at the mall. They advertise it as safe and cost effective  way of cooking. The probability of explosion due to gas leak is none. No open flame that could trigger accidental fire.  Cooking time is faster because of heat transfer is direct from the induction cooker to the pan itself. The aside from the probability of higher electric bill, although they say it is cheaper compared using LPG, the only drawback I see is that not all pan can be used with this induction cooker. Continue reading “Hyundai induction cooker review”

Is Yahoo Philippines down?

I am trying to reach the site but it keep redirecting me to I thought it is an isolated  case and may be my home computer have a virus but when i went to my office the same thing happen with my office computer.  Continue reading “Is Yahoo Philippines down?”

Mi 3 best phone for its price range

My Xiaomi Mi 3 phone is included in my Smart (not so smart , you can read here why) data plan. The phone was great,  as a gaming tool I did not experience any problem. The screen is very responsive. Picture quality is above average . Elegant design and user friendly customized android interface.

Here is Mi 3 specs:

Qualcomm Snap dragon 800 krait

Quad core 2.3 ghz

GPU Adreno 330

13 megapixel camera

1080p@30 fps, HDR capability

2 gb of memory

16 gig of internal storage but only 12 gig is usable Continue reading “Mi 3 best phone for its price range”

How to make a screenshots in Xiaomi Mi3 phone

IF you are a Xiaomi Mi 3 owner and want to take screenshots or screencaps without downloading a app then you could do the following instructions: Continue reading “How to make a screenshots in Xiaomi Mi3 phone”