Blood Korean Drama

Blood is the story of Park Ji-sang ( Ahn Jae-hyun) a doctor which is suffering from ” vampire virus”. He entered  Taemin Cancer Hospital following a lead about the origins of vampires. Here he meet Ri Ta a hotshot physician who is the niece of  the hospital’s chairman.

Ahn Jae-hyun of Blood
Blood Korean Drama series

Before the arrival of Park Ji Sang, Dr. Ri Ta is the center of attention of Taemin but with the arrival of Dr. Park he outshines the credentials of Dr Ri Ta thus tension is brewing between the two.

blood korean drama


Would Dr. Ri ta cooperate with Dr. Park or would it be a cat and mouse relationship for the two..

Park and Ri Ta
Dr Park and Dr Ri Ta

Kill Me Heal Me

Do hyun is the heir of a multi million company but he has a secret to protect. Do hyun has a condition called D.I.D. or dissociative identity disorder or  muliple personality. To help him prepare for his role in their company and  control his different personality he employed the help of a psychiatrist, Oh Ri Jin.


Se ki is one of the personality of Do Hyun, among his personality Se ki is the most vicious and darker personality.

Se ki
Se Ki the bad boy

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Hyde, Jekyll and Me

Goo Seo jin is the director of WonderLand, as a person he is as cold as ice for a reason.  If he become excessively emotional or fearful his alter ego appears, Robin.  His alter ego is the complete opposite of him, Robin is playful, full of spirit and have a superman complex… Robin loves to help and save people.

Hyde jekyll and me
Robin and Goo Seo Jin

Complication arises when they both fell for the same woman, Ha Na.  She is the new leader of the wonder circus. But Ha Na is in love with Robin , the alter ego.

Robin and Ha Na
Robin and Ha Na

Robin need to survive if he wants to be with Ha Na but to be able to survive means Goo Seo jin needs to disappear…