Kill Me Heal Me

Do hyun is the heir of a multi million company but he has a secret to protect. Do hyun has a condition called D.I.D. or dissociative identity disorder or  muliple personality. To help him prepare for his role in their company and  control his different personality he employed the help of a psychiatrist, Oh Ri Jin.


Se ki is one of the personality of Do Hyun, among his personality Se ki is the most vicious and darker personality.

Se ki
Se Ki the bad boy

Perry Park the happy go lucky personality with a fling with explosive.

perry park of kill  me heal me korean drama
Perry Park the bomb expert

Yona the female teenager identity of do hyun, the most troublesome identity to contain.

Yona  of kill me heal me
Yona the KPOP fanatic

Yo seob the suicidal personality, a poet among the group.

yo seob kill me heal me
Yo Seob the suicidal

along the story little by little  the reason behind each personality will be revealed and the connection of Oh ri jin with these personality will come to the open..

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