The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia

A certain Richard Lim posted an article on his facebook page about his bad experience in the Script Concert which involves Ms. Doris Bigornia.  According to Mr. Lim’s post they are seated at the VIP section when Ms Doris Bigornia and her daughter run straight in front covering their view  this  initiated the other concert goers to follow. The event is a seated concert so the bouncer asked Mrs Bigornia to go back to their but she ignored them.  When Mr. Lim asked Ms Doris Bigornia to go back to their seat but he was ignored. He asked again due to the fact that his son is already hyperventilating but to his surprise Ms Doris Bigornia replied “WALA AKONG PAKI KAHIT MAMATAY SA DYAN.”

There is also a video of them confronting each other after the concert. Here it gets ugly….

On the video you could see Mr. Lim talking to Ms. Doris Bigornia and her daughter is butting in… Mr. Lim then told the girl to shut up because he is talking to her mother and not her. The son of Ms. Doris Bigornia then started cursing in defense of her mother and sister. At a certain point Doris Bigornia then said that Mr. Lim is just doing it because she is “Doris Bigornia” .
Here is my opinion :
Doris Bigornia is at fault when she rush to the front of the concert. It is a seated concert and Mr. Lim bought VIP tickets just to be in front so is view is not obstructed. Sa inyo man mangyari yun malalamang magagalit kayo. Aside from the fact na naghyperventilate na ang anak niya…. She is also at fault by insinuating that Mr Lim is just doing it because she is “DORIS BIGORNIA”. As if naman sinsabi niya na ala siyang fault at iniipit siya dahil celebrity siya.
Doris Bigonia’s son is at fault at cursing per see. Regardless whether it is not really directed to the person or just an expression, he could be more civilized and rather using the word F_ck, he could use the word “Please” .
Mr. Lim is at fault by saying “you shut up” at the daughter of Doris Bigornia.
You can check this link to see the video of the confrontation .  The Dark Side of Doris Bigornia

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