Cheap Android TV Box-Is it Worth it?

In the Philippines Facebook, Youtube, Netflix and other streaming platforms, is a big deal. Either people are glued on their phones or they are in front of the computer and lately people are now using their TV for social media or watching youtube or other streaming site.

Not all TV can be connected to the internet, only those android TV or Smart TV have capabilities to connect to the internet. Luckly, you can buy an android box that you can connect to your old tv so you can connect to the internet.

I bought a cheap android tv box, on lazada it will cost around $10-15 dollars . So, below is my review of this cheap android TV box

Cheap Android Box

Sinocare Safe Accu Blood Glucose Monitoring System- Cheap Diabetic Monitoring Device

I am a person that drinks about 1.5 liters of softdrinks per day. This abuse led me to diabetes. To be able to monitor my blood sugar level i need to buy a glucose monitor / glucometer . My main issue is budget , aside the glucometer i need to buy strips to use it. Buying items like this at a reasonable price is Lazada’s forte. Found this Sinocare Safe Accu Blood glucose monitoring system and i include here an unboxing video.

Sinocare Blood Glucose monitoring Device

Jollibee Peach Mango Pie Ice Cream Rolls

Jollibee is synonymous with Filipino Fast Food. It is a well love fast food chain in the Philippines for it caters for taste palate of the locals. One of its most famous desert is peach mango pie.

Here we try to mix Jollibee peach mango pie with our fried ice cream rolls.