Markang Villar

Ok, as i always say in this blog don’t vote for people who are TRAPO’s. People who do “election campaign-like” commercial even though it not yet election period.

But to be honest among the “election-mercial” i watch it is the “Villar group” that have the very entertaining ad. I like their music… who can forget Senator Villar’s campaign jingle.

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Allan Cayetano’s Politacal Ads

Allan Cayetano is trying to increase his popularity by polluting the primetime segment of our local television of his Political Ad.

Personally, my respect for him slide way down, running a political advertisement even though it is not yet election time is a sign of a TRAPO politician. For me running a political ad at this present time only shows that he have not done any significant law that have pierced through the mind and hearts of the voting public.

Maybe in the past years or months he is too busy trying to prepare for the presidential election and making demolition job against his political rivals that he forgotten that as a senator making “Laws” that will benefit us all is his primary job.

Suicide of CSU student is President Aquino’s fault.

An article in the news yesterday caught my attention, it is about how the militant groups blamed President Aquino for the suicide of a CSU (Cagayan State University) student.

According to the article a certain Rosanna Sanfuego , a freshman Respiratory Therapy student committed suicide after she failed to take the midterm examination due to unpaid school fees.

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US Ambassador sa South Korea naslash sa mukha

Ang US ambassador sa South Korea na si Mark Lippert ay nagtamo ng hiwa sa mukha at braso nang ito ay saksakin ng isang South Korean na nagngangalang Kim Ki Jong. Si Kim ay pinuno ng isang grupo ng mga aktibista na komukondina sa joint military exercise ng South Korea at USA sa dahilang nagiging hadlang ito para pag uusap ng unification ng south and north korea.
Sa kasalukuyan nasa stable na kalagay si US ambassador Mark Lippert.