Puppies Behind bars

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Puppies Behind bars

If the Philippines we have the dancing inmates, in one correction facility abroad they have a project called puppies behind bar. The project let inmates train dog to be of service to humanity. Dogs are trained asĀ  sniffing dog, companion dog for the blind, and as companion dog for war veteran.

In this system, they are bringing back the humanity to the prisoners. They are letting the prisoner feel that they are still a important part of the society.

Lost parrot uttered his address

If you have a parrot what would you teach it? Maybe, the word hello, good morning, how do you do etc… But have you thought of teaching it your address?

Well, an owner of African grey parrot in Japan teach his parrot their address and luckily it have been handy. The parrot has flew out of his cage and got lost. Police have found him and they turned him over to the veterinarian. The parrot started to talk about his address. And you guess it right. They are reunited with his owner.

picture from: petsdo.com