Nobonaga no Chef

Nobonaga no chef is based on the manga adapted to tv. The story is about a chef, ken  who was transported back in time and waking in the past with no memory of his own or that he was from the future. The only thing he could remember is his cooking skill. With his cooking skill he managed to survive in this war streaking area. He is so good in cooking that he was recruited by Oda Nobunaga, in japanese history Oda Nabunaga was the one who unified japan under one shogunate. Continue reading “Nobonaga no Chef”

Doctor X Gekai Daimon Michiko

A story of a superberb female doctor who doesn’t follow the hierarchy and system of an hospital setup. She is a freelance doctor trained by different sensei and due to her superior skill a huge fee is needed for her service. As a freelance and well sought after doctor she had her own set of rules it includes that she doesn’t not due hospital rounds a strict 8-5 works and exceeding it means additional fee, doesn’t do  anything which does not need a medical license…

The show is popular that season two will be airing soon…

Jin , Japan Drama Series

Jin , Japan Drama Series

I have written about the korean drama Dr. Jin timeslip and I thought it is an original Kdrama and just recently I have learned that the said drama is an adaptation of the popular drama in japan with a title “Jin”. The japan drama series Jin was a hit in 2009  and won a lot of awards. Continue reading “Jin , Japan Drama Series”