Jin , Japan Drama Series

Jin , Japan Drama Series

I have written about the korean drama Dr. Jin timeslip and I thought it is an original Kdrama and just recently I have learned that the said drama is an adaptation of the popular drama in japan with a title “Jin”. The japan drama series Jin was a hit in 2009  and won a lot of awards.

The story of Jin is about a neurosurgeon named Minakata Jin who as a doctor had a low esteem due to the fact that her fiancée is in a vegetative state after he operated on her.  One incident happened and upon waking up he was astonished to see that he was transported back in Edo era. Here he meet new friends and notable personality like Ryoma Sakamoto.  He try to advance medical science in that in era in the hopes that the change in the past would make modern medical science that will help her fiancé.  But a dilemma always hunt him , what if the change in the past makes the future so different , what if in the future he and her fiancée doesn’t not meet…

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