Mark Joseph Solis UP plagiarism expert?

 Mark Joseph Solis UP plagiarism expert?

The name Mark Joseph Solis as been popular lately in a not so good way… Mark Joseph Solis bagged the 1st place in the photo contest entitled “Smile of the World Competition” held by the Chilean embassy it is a great achievement for him   on a negative and positive note. The positive side is that he earned  50 thousand pesos and a tour  while the negative side is that his so called photo is plagiarized, stolen from the internet and he submitted as his own. He did it not just once but seven times.

Mark Solis have already apologized for the said misrepresentation amidst clamor from netizen. Looking at his school credential you would wonder why such an intelligent person would do such a thing. He graduated cum laude with a degree of political science and also taking up graduate studies in UP.

If we will jump into conclusion the faith of the Philippines is in limbo. Just imagine that if the cum laude of UP political science have done this how about the other polsci grads of this institution, the future politician of our country. But wait, let is not demonized the whole Polsci studentry / grads of UP. One rotten egg/ demeanor from one person doesn’t qualify as a barometer for the whole community of UP polsci .  Mark Joseph Solis had made a mistake and it is his sole responsibility. Attention and punishment should be directed to him.

What punishment would then be befitted to such demeanor?  Is stripping him of his degree would be fair?  Some say it is, he shamed a prestigious institution and during his stay in UP the plagiarism started hence  he violated UP’s rule. Emotion is too high, he have poke the pride of UP but is it appropriate to be stripped of his title.

Before any of us wield our sword towards Mark Joseph Solis let’s us look first what push the person to do such a thing. Honestly, up to now it is still an enigma to think how such an intelligent person would contemplate and execute such an orchestrated scheme. What is the tipping point which leads him to this path? What background and environment did he grow up? Upon gathering all these data then contemplate why and how should he punished for such an act…

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