Yazz Card an alternative to paypal

If you want to  buy online the usual mode of payment is by Credit card or Paypal. If you don’t have credit card you can use a debit card. Now a days most debit card especially the company issued card for payroll  are visa or master card, hence; it could be use to purchase online. But if you are not tech savvy and a little hesitant to use your payroll for online purchase then why not try Yazz Card. Continue reading “Yazz Card an alternative to paypal”

Jamma Harness wiring

If you are into arcade game the word “JAMMA” is essential to your life… JAMMA is an acronym which means Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association, the JAMMA harness is a standardized layout of wiring /connection for arcades.  This system enables manufacturer to cut down the price for manufacturing arcade games because most will be built the same way,  the parts and component would be generic to all except for the mainboard. In a more layman’s term it is like building a desktop computer, you can replace component for most of the parts are plug and play. Continue reading “Jamma Harness wiring”


I do frequently shop online and usually the place to be for me is Olx.ph. Through this site i contact sellers and pay them through LBC and package will be delivered by LBC also, in essence i would pay two transaction fee. The first transaction fee is for the LBC payment for the seller and the second transaction fee is for the delivery charge on which the seller will charged on top of  the price of the product.

Luckily for me i found a better and cheaper way to buy online, i happen to come across to the site theshop.ph. The said website is a subsidiary or sister company of LBC. Continue reading “theshop.ph”

How to make a face massager

While in the mall i saw a face massager in the beauty product section. The face massager is just a cylindrical rod which vibrates. The cost of the face massager is about 400 pesos. I believe it is to expensive and  said to myself i can make a face massager from scrap. Continue reading “How to make a face massager”