I do frequently shop online and usually the place to be for me is Through this site i contact sellers and pay them through LBC and package will be delivered by LBC also, in essence i would pay two transaction fee. The first transaction fee is for the LBC payment for the seller and the second transaction fee is for the delivery charge on which the seller will charged on top of  the price of the product.

Luckily for me i found a better and cheaper way to buy online, i happen to come across to the site The said website is a subsidiary or sister company of LBC.

The website is like Lazada and Olx but better. On the site of you can find different seller on which are also sellers from Olx and Lazada the main advantage on this site is the mode of payment and the delivery charged which is way below the normal delivery charged of LBC.

Mode of payment could be any of the following:

LBC over the counter payment

Credit card


online banking

bank deposit

credit card via paypal

A simple walk through would be(see video below):

1. Go to

2. Then choose a product , let say “welding machine”

3.  Choose from the list of welding machine, click view of the product you like

4. A description of the product will be shown , if you like it click “BUY IT” as you can see the weight of the welding machine is around 20 kg.

5. On the easy paymets via LBC pay section choose from the selected options, i choose “cash (LBC branch OTC payment”

6. Click on shipping address. Input your name, address, telephone number, email etc.

7 You could also see on the video that the charged for the delivery/shipping of the welding machine is just 68 pesos compare it to the normal delivery charge of LBC which is worth 200-650 pesos , it is a big savings.

8.Click “PLACE ORDER” and an email will be sent to your provided email address and  you just need to print it or copy the reference number and amount then you can pay in any LBC branch.

9. After payment just wait 1-7 days  for the package to arrive . I bought a jigsaw from this site and it took 2 days to arrive.


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