Martin Romualdez , Trapo?

I was watching a show in channel when a commercial by Congressman Martin Romualdez was aired…” Malasakit” ito ang battle cry niya. Dahil sa malasakit naibangon ang Leyte sa Trahedya. Dahil sa Malasakit marami siyang natulungan….

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Chemical in Milk Tea poisoning?

As per the initial report of DOH there were no traces of cyanide, nitrite, nitrate, or arsenic. They are now testing the sample for other substances like Oxalic acid, Nitrobenzene, Organophosphate, and Organochlorine. Aside from these DOH also will expand their test  to included biological like blood, gastric , content and tissue. Continue reading “Chemical in Milk Tea poisoning?”

Suicide of CSU student is President Aquino’s fault.

An article in the news yesterday caught my attention, it is about how the militant groups blamed President Aquino for the suicide of a CSU (Cagayan State University) student.

According to the article a certain Rosanna Sanfuego , a freshman Respiratory Therapy student committed suicide after she failed to take the midterm examination due to unpaid school fees.

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“Pregnancy out of wedlock “not a ground for dismissal

“Pregnancy out of wedlock “not a ground for dismissal

The supreme court of the Philippines declared the dismissal of a catholic school employee on the grounds of premarital sex and pregnancy out of wedlock was illegal.

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