BalikBayan Box to be opened by BOC

The Bureau of Customs will now inspect balikbayan boxes to prevent some unscrupulous individuals from using the balikbayan boxes as a way of smuggling goods for business purposes. By law they are allowed to inspect the balikbayan boxes to see whether there are irregularities. Sending this balikbayan boxes has its  limitation that the sender should remember.

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Escalator eats a woman

A escalator in Anliang department store in China “eats” a woman to its death. The said escalator had undergone a periodic maintenance just recently and the service crew forgot to screw access cover of the said escalator that laid to the death of the woman.

Escalator accident in China
Access cover of the escalator opens and “eats” the lady

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Breast used to assault a police officer

Ng Lai-ying was convicted of assaulting a police officer with her breast. The said commotion happened during the streets of Yuen Long, Hong Kong  in March this year during  a protest rally against parallel trading.

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