Breast used to assault a police officer

Ng Lai-ying was convicted of assaulting a police officer with her breast. The said commotion happened during the streets of Yuen Long, Hong KongĀ  in March this year duringĀ  a protest rally against parallel trading.

It sounded pretty weird!!! How can a “breast” be an assaulting medium. Unless her breast is as hard as her hand then it can definitely hurt someone!!! But i doubt that it is the case her…Or maybe her breast is so big that it can smother the officer to death.

The magistrate of the case said that NG Lai-ying uses her femininity to frame the good officer by accusing him of molesting her on the rally while the officer denied the said allegation and responded that it was Ng Lai-ying who initiated the contact. The magistrate believed the police hence the conviction of Ng Lai-ying.


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