How to refill energy in mine quest android game

I recently downloaded mine quest in my Xiaomi Mi3 and i was hooked with the game. I like the simplicity of the game, smash and collect item.  So, i was very frustrated  every time i used up my energy and need to wait for a few hours to continue or pay for the extra energy which  as poor as i am, i can’t pay for it. Continue reading “How to refill energy in mine quest android game”

Destroy Gunners SP android game

I just recently downloaded destroy gunners SP on my MI3  and i was hooked with this game.  I know this is an old game, i still installed it because a few years back i love to play it but my “decent” phone wouldn’t allow it Continue reading “Destroy Gunners SP android game”

How to download streaming video in android phone

The internet is full of educational movies or videos online and if you want to watch it on your free time or offline then you need to download it.

One app for android phones that can download videos or movies in the “Hubi app” Continue reading “How to download streaming video in android phone”

Spy camera app for android phone

Spy cam app for android phones are available in the net although there is a negative connotation if we speak of “spy cam app” in a country like  the Philippines on which holdapers, snatchers, akyat bahay etc are rampant having a spy camera app installed in our cellphone is an advantage. We can use it  to record or take picture of robbery, snatching, laslas bag modus operandi discretely and upload it to different social site so to identify or  warn others of such modus. Continue reading “Spy camera app for android phone”