Suicide of CSU student is President Aquino’s fault.

An article in the news yesterday caught my attention, it is about how the militant groups blamed President Aquino for the suicide of a CSU (Cagayan State University) student.

According to the article a certain Rosanna Sanfuego , a freshman Respiratory Therapy student committed suicide after she failed to take the midterm examination due to unpaid school fees.

I think militant groups are being too OA about the issue. Rather blaming the President and trying to get media mileage blame CSU for not letting the poor girl take the exam, blame her friends and relative by not noticing that she is depressed and not helping her financially.

Blaming is very typical of us Pinoys. We always complain and blame , we have the mentality that “we” as a citizen of the Philippines should take everything for free… We don’t like to earn it, we like to complain to have it…We don’t want to work more to earn more, we like to workless and complain for the rest of the day.

If those people (militant group) would complain less and maybe work more then maybe they can alleviate themselves from poverty.

May nasabi si Bo Sanchez about this although hindi ko kabisado ang eksaktong words pero parang ganito ang sabi niya … : bakit ka mahirap? Sagot ng mahirap : dahil daw sa Presidente at gobyerno. Ang Sagot ni Bo, Bakit ang kapitbahay mo mayaman , diba iisa lang ang gobyerno at presidente nyo..?

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