Samsung washing machine wa10f4 not starting

I bought a Samsung  wa10f4   2 years ago, what entices me to bought this product is the fact its body is made of plastic compared to the conventional metal body. Usually metal bodied washing machine succumb to rust which makes the machine wobbly and later on it would damage the motor .

After 2 years my samsung wa10f4 washing machine has just given up on me.  It won’t start, although , the power light is on, the machine won’t start. I tried all sort of things like cleaning the tub, levelling the washing machine, cleaning drain tube, opening the back cover to see if something is stuck in the motor etc… but to no avail the washing machine won’t start.

So,  After trouble shooting i came to the conclusion that i need to call the expert. So, i emailed the samsung service center and they sent their third party technician. According the technitian , the problem is the board and he need to replace it. The board cost around 3600 pesos and they need to order it from samsung/supplier.

So after a week they replace it  and my samsung washing machine is now as good as new.  But i am a bit disappointed , there is a service fee for the check up and at the board is too expensive .For a washing machine to be broken in just two years is not acceptable for me. My last washing lasted more than 10 years before it broke down…

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  1. This model they called 8kg rusproof is a waste of money like washing machine displays e1 and all the buttons are not functioning.i am very dissapointed in this model, so now i decided to buy another top load washing machine.i thing i’ll go for panasonic brand

  2. My friend and I bought this washing machine Samsung WA10F4 about 2 years ago. For some reason both washing machine died yesterday. Both had the same problem. All controls are working, lights are on but it won’t start. Just like what you have, control board need replacement.

  3. I’ve had this same model 10 yrs already! Just experienced the same thing today. Start button won’t work but the rest of the buttons are fine.

  4. the same scenario happened to my samsung washing machine wa10f4. need the control board because power is on but button does not function. I send email to samsung but they send to 3rd party repair shop. the labor and parts is so expensive. Then the initial check-up payment has an expiry date for 3 months.
    I will never buy samsung product anymore.

  5. I have similar experience of defective control board of my washing machine wa10f4 replaced last year at 5,700 Philippine peso covering parts and labor. This year the wire harness need to be replaced due to shorting caused by entry of water into the harness assy. The cost of repair is 4,850 pesos. So dissappointed, indeed.

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