PK Hindi Movie

PK is a satirical comedy movie which deal with the topic of religion and love.

PK hindi movie
PK first day on Earth

PK is an alien with a mission to investigate humanity. He became stranded on earth because someone stole his spaceship’s remote.  Being an alien in a foreign planet who cannot speak and doesn’t known anything about custom and tradition makes his life a bit interesting. What ever he tries to do, it  lands him in a very intricate situation.

He needs to find his remote so he then literally tried to seek GOD and tried different amulet to encourage good fortune for his search.


PK movie
PK while searching for GOD wears different kinds of amulet for good fortune

Upon his search for GOD he then met Jaggu, a reporter  who finds PK innocence and search for GOD a good topic for their TV news.

Jaggu and sarfaraz
Jaggu and sarfaraz

PK curiosity to GOD and religion snowballed to a greater scale that people are now questioning their own faith…

PK best comedy of 2014
PK with the different religious sect

Could PK return to his planet or could he be the next Evangelical sensation…

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