Missing Noir season 2 ,please!

Gil Soo Hyun is a genius, due to a dark past he decided to be an FBI agent. After an incident he resigned from FBI and returned to Korea. Due to his credentials he was asked to be the leader of a special missing person unit.

Gil Soo Hyun of Missing noir
Gil Soo Hyun


This drama is just 10 episode and almost every one to two episodeĀ  a new case is being investigated. The best episode for me is episode 7, it is a tear jerking. I would not discuss this episode, you need to watch it to feel the emotion of that particular episode.

Missing Noir
Missing Noir – Missing Person Special Unit

I am just disappointed that it is just 10 episodeĀ  and for sure there will be a season 2 based on the ending….

Missing noir first case
The First case – Half-dead Missing person


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