Hyundai induction cooker review

I often see induction cooker being sold at the mall. They advertise it as safe and cost effective  way of cooking. The probability of explosion due to gas leak is none. No open flame that could trigger accidental fire.  Cooking time is faster because of heat transfer is direct from the induction cooker to the pan itself. The aside from the probability of higher electric bill, although they say it is cheaper compared using LPG, the only drawback I see is that not all pan can be used with this induction cooker.

Their are a lot of pan available in the market now a days, from the traditional aluminum type, cast iron, stainless pan, ceramic pan ,  teflon coated etc… So, how could you know which pan is compatible with your  hyundai induction cooker? Use a magnet!  If the magnet stick to the pan then it could be use with an induction cooker. I tried to different brand of stainless pan but only one works with my induction the induction cooker. The ceramic core that  I bought a few years back (see post here Ceramic core pan) is working well with my hyundai induction cooker. The hyundai induction cooker comes with a free stainless pan but personally i don’t want to use it, maybe for heating water i could use it. The free pan is thin that it becomes too hot to fast to a point that it becomes red hot as if it is being melted.

As per the box of the hyundai induction cooker model HI-a19 here are it strong points:

Smooth touch panel with LED display

High quality black crystal plate

adjustable wattage and temperature

overheat sensor

with lock button

high efficiency – the thermal efficiency is more than 82%

Autoshut -off after 30 seconds of inactivity


Here is a simple video of Hyundai HI-A19 induction stove

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