Mi 3 best phone for its price range

My Xiaomi Mi 3 phone is included in my Smart (not so smart , you can read here why) data plan. The phone was great,  as a gaming tool I did not experience any problem. The screen is very responsive. Picture quality is above average . Elegant design and user friendly customized android interface.

Here is Mi 3 specs:

Qualcomm Snap dragon 800 krait

Quad core 2.3 ghz

GPU Adreno 330

13 megapixel camera

1080p@30 fps, HDR capability

2 gb of memory

16 gig of internal storage but only 12 gig is usable


Antutu bench mark:

Mi 3 Antutu benchmark
Mi 3 Antutu benchmark



Mi 3 Antutu Ranking
Mi 3 Antutu Ranking


As you can see my  Xiaomi Mi 3 is just below the LG G3 , Google Nexus, another Xiami Mi 3, Galaxy S5 etc…

My handset might be on the bottom of the list  but if you factor in the price against the antutu benchmark then you could say that Xiaomi is one of the best phone for its price range.

my mi 3 rating is 30,356 and its price is around 11,000 or equivalent to 2.76 points per peso ratio

LG G3 rating is around  32,780 according to other site and its price per lazada is 19 624 equivalent to 1.67 poins per peso ratio

Google Nexus S5 is around 36,800 and lazada price is 15050 equals to 2.46 points per peso ratio

This is my layman’s computation of rating and price efficiency as per my computation Mi 3 is the clear winner….

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