Lassiter, Baracael and Intal trade

The trade between Ginebra, Barako and San Miguel is agreed upon in principle and the final deal only needs the approval of the big boss of the smb group and the PBA commissioner.

The trade will include Marcio Lassiter, Mac Baracael and JC intal. In the PBA sister companies are not allowed to directly trade their player to one another hence the reason why Barako Bull is involved in the trade. So, trade will be San Miguel will give up Lassiter in exchange for Intal and then Barako would trade Lassiter to Ginebra San Miguel. So it will be, Ginebra gets Lassiter, Barako have Baracael and San Miguel gets Intal.

If you would look at the Barako Bulls current line up it is mostly composed of former Ginebra Players…

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