Fake Drakkar vs Original Drakkar

Here is some pointers to be able to distinguish an original drakkar noir against fake drakkar noir.

First check the price from legitimate seller , if the price being offered to you by other store is less than  50-60 of the original price then be very attentive on the appearance and markings of the perfume bottle and box.

On the back of the bottle  there is a serial number which is etched and the same serial number can also be found in the bottom of the box which is also etched.

Original drakkar  noir

The dots on the box are embosed while inside the box  you can see the depression created from pressing to create the embosed dots. The lower part of the box is laminated with the word “Guy Laroche”   and “PARIS” are printed in white.

drakkar noir perfume

There is also a bar code on the side of the box , the area is smooth, non dotted. Looking inside the box you can also see a printed “caution” or  “warning” about the use /misuse of the product

orig drakkar perfume

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