Larsian Cebu

Larsian Cebu City


If you visit Cebu it is one of those places you need to visit. At first I thought Larsian is a restaurant, only after arriving to Larsian that I learned that  it is a barbeque place composed of different vendors/stalls. The place is literary smoking due to different foods being grilled/barbequed at the same time. The center aisle serves as the grilling section and in the perimeters the stall and tables are located.

Upon entering the place don’t be scared by people yelling or running towards you they are the cooks or helpers of the different stall owners which is trying to attract customers. In general, almost all the  stall are  serving the same food they have barbeque, chicken breast, squid, lechon etc… They have this unique rice called puso.  Puso is a rice wrapped in coconut leaves , it shaped somehow similar to a heart to square like appearance. 


For two consecutive days, we had our dinner there, the food is cheap and taste great.  Don’t be surprised if they give you plastic with the plate. The plastic are not for the plate but for your hands, if you would like to eat with your hand either use the plastic so your hands won’t get dirty or eat with your bare hands and just wash afterwards ,if you feel awkward using your hands as utensils  then ask for spoon and fork . On our first day we ate at Nenita Lechon Barbeque and seafoods. The food is great, the sauce in their barbeque is sweet and addicting. The next day we ate on Kristine and Daling, the food is also great but we love the taste of the foods from Nenita more.

larsian barbeque

larsian squid

Larsian is located near at Fuente Osmena circle at the back of  Banco de Oro  near Chong Hua Hospital.


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