How to get to Nagsasa cove

How to get to Nagsasa cove

Nagsasa cove is located at  San Antonio Zambales.

If you like a camping like beach adventure then this is the place to be.

Currently, the cove is devoid of any hotel, motels or large infrastructures, no celphone signal and electricity. There are just a few houses which served as the caretaker’s house . There are about 2 sarisari store but mind you because the area is secluded, price of commodities are almost double.

There is also a hiking trail that will lead you to a small water fall, although; at summer time these waterfall dries up.

The water current in the cove is relatively calm and the beach front slope gradually.

Comparing to Anawangin, personally, Nagsasa is a much better choice.

If you want a solemn vacation in a very pristine ecosystem then you can’t go wrong with Nagsasa Cove.

How to get to Nagsasa cove:

From Victory Liner in Pasay ride the bus going to Olangapo  cost around 218 pesos

At the Victory Terminal in Olangapo ride the bus going to Zambales. Alight at San Antonio Municipal Hall  cost around 44 pesos.

Ride a tricycle going to Pundaquit shore . tricycle fare around 30 per pesos  x 3  = 90 pesos

Ride a boat to Nagsasa cove . the rate for a small boat(5 person capacity) is around 2500 pesos, back and forth. They will pick you up depending on the agreed time.

Total cost for a trip from Manila to Nagsasa cove

Bus ride back and forth manila to olongapo= 436

Bus ride to zambales back and forth =     88

Tricycle ride =180

Boat ride = 2500

Total of  = 3204 pesos , if you are a group of 5 then it would only be around 1144 pesos.


If you are travelling by sctex then the bus ride would be around 250-260 pesos.


san antonio municipal hall

san antonio municipal hall


boat ride to nagsasa

boat ride to nagsasa  cove  (10-20 people capacity)


rock formation in nagsasa cove


nagsasa beach






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