Torque droidz view review”>

Torque droidz view review



High speed 800 mhz cpu + 400 mhz DSP

Android 2.2 froyo

7 inch screen with 2 point touch for easy zoom


Superb sound

HIGH quality video playback

4-dimensional gravity sensor

Storage: 2gb internal/ 32gb micro-sd slot

VGA camera

Standby time 10 hours, video playback 3 hours

Transfer box for usb interface and Ethernet interface


Video playback: mpeg  1/2/4, mjpg, h263, h264 (720 x 640)

Music :mp3, mp2, wav, aac, wma

Supported 3g dongle: huawei e220, 230,160x,169g, 1750 and alcatel x060s, x200


Price: Around 3900 pesos


 For the specs and warranty the Torque droidz view is on a respectable side. 

You can surf the net using the wifi  or use a 3g dongle.

You can download apps and games from the app market.

I have tried around 20 different games some are sluggish and some works perfectly.

Sorry to say “Temple Run” will not run here from my experience.

You can run Angry Bird, cow and pig,  drag race etc…

Video playback, just be sure to compress it to a smaller file and it will work perfectly.


Bad side:  Poor response to touch , vga camera is very poor quality.


Verdict:  If you are a gamer don’t buy these. But if you have a niece or nephew who is bugging you to buy an Ipad or the likes then these is a good alternative.


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  1. im having trouble with the version android froyo the apps are limited omg my LG l3 seem to be good enough 🙁

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