Wi tribe review


Wi tribe review


Wi tribe is a 4g provider, compared to its competitors it is still in its infancy stage. The company is owned by liberty telecommunication, stockholder includes san Miguel corporation, wi tribe asia, etc…

Speed per price they are considered as the cheapest that is if your area has a good signal.

I am one of those who was interested with their prepaid 4g  dongle, so I bought one. The mistake I made is that I didn’t avail of their demo first because unluckily in our area the signal is terrible. There are times that there is very little signal but almost 99% of the time the signal is none existing.  In fairness to them they have 7 days money back guarantee as long as you have not exceed  200 mb  usage. So, if the signal is weak in your area then just return the wi tribe dongle so you can have your money back.

Current Verdict:

Wi-tribe is an epic FAIL.

 Don’t bother to buy it. You could have better result using globe, sun or smart dongles better yet if you will use it for home usage get a wired plan from pldt. Currently, the company have a very poor performance but don’t be surprise if in the near future they can compete head to head with the leading providers.  Sun cellular have a very poor service back then but today they have the largest subscriber post paid and a good service.  So, it is not possible that this could also happen to wi tribe it will only take a good marketing strategy….

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