Herbal medicine for Headache

Headache may be a symptom of any of the following diseases or conditions:

Emotional stress
Brain tumor
Migraine-sever headache, pulsating in character, usually involving only one half of the head
High blood pressure
Head injury
Eye disease-error of refraction
Disease with fever like colds , flu and others

Let the person rest in a quiet, cool and dimly lighted place. In most cases of headache secondary to fatigue or emotional stress, rest , an ice pack or massage over the forehead and nape would relieve the affliction.
Use any of the recommended medicinal plants. Consult a doctor if there is no relief of the headache after 1 day.
Consult a doctor when any of the following is observed:
The headache is severe enough to awaken the person in his sleep.
There is an increase in frequency and severity of the headache.
The headache is felt after an injury involving the head.
There are other associated symptoms like vomiting, convulsion or loss weight.
The person is known to have high blood pressure.
The headache is felt after reading.

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