Uses of Sorghum

Uses of Sorghum


The uses of sorghum as food are:

1. Cooked as rice, although it takes longer cooking time and more water. In Palawan, it is

cooked with rice, which they call “hisa.”

2. Could be made into flour, though it needs more water when preparing the dough.

3. Could be made into chocolate farridge, boiled and mixed with grated coconut and sugar,

native cabe, and buchi (fried dough with sweetened mungbean).


Industrial Uses

1. Wine and alcohol making

2. Binder and insulator; wall reinforcement

3. Urea mix

4. Mold binder and in making charcoal

5. Paste in papermaking

6. Used in making dextrin sugar, syrup, antibiotic, citric acid and riboflavin.

7. The stem is a source leather dye, can be made into basket, fishing gear and the like.

8. Sorghum seeds produce oil.





PCARRD Farmnews

April 1987

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