Flour from Squash -Harina mula sa kalabasa

Flour from Squash -Harina mula sa kalabasa

Due to the increasing price of flour in the world market price of local bread is also increasing. Because we are not self sustaining in terms flour we cannot go against the flow of the world market. But in one article I have read we could use squash as an alternative source of flour. Here’s the article i am taking about:




1. Wash and peel the squash, remove the core and seeds.

2. Slice into 1 x x cm.

3. Soak in 0.01% sodium metabisulfite to preserve the natural food nutrients.

4. Wash in tap water, drain.

5. Blanch for 15 minutes, drain.

6. Dry in an oven at about 50-55° C.

7. Grind and strain several times. Pack in plastic bags and cover tightly.

Source: ITDI , tekno tulong

picture from:daisyflour.com


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  1. ilang grams ba ng flour ang magagawa sa 1 kilogram ng squash? Tsaka ilang oras ba (estimate) dapat i-dry ang squash?

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