Canton Noodles with Squash

Canton Noodles with Squash

Because of high cost of harina or flour this project is a good alternative and nutritious too.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Cantoon Noodles with squash is a nutritious noodle prepared from a blend of wheat flour, squash puree, salt, egg and noodle improver. It is golden yellow and a 50 g serving will provide 16%, 20% and 24% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for energy, protein and vitamin A respectively of 4-6 year-old children.

MARKET POTENTIAL:Noodle products are well accepted by all classes of consumers. Children and adults take noodle products not only for their snacks but also for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Noodles are also a favorite celebration food in parties. The competitive advantage of the product over those available in the markets is its high nutritive.


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