alugbati herbal medicine






Basella alba Linn.

Basella lucida Linn.

Basella cordifolia Lam.


Local names: Alugbati (Bis.); arogbati (Bik.); dundula (Sul.); grana (Tag.); ilaibakir (Ilk.); libato (Tag.); Malabar nightshade (Eng.); Lo k’uei (Chinese.).


Alugbati is found in settled areas, in hedges, old cultivated areas, etc., throughout the Philippines. It is certainly not a native of the Archipelago but is of prehistoric introduction. It occurs also in tropical Asia, Africa and Malaya, often cultivated.

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Almaciga herbal medicine




Agathus alba (Lam.) Foxw.

Dammara alba Lam.

Agathis loranthifolia Salisb.

Dammara rumphii Presl.

Podocarpus philippeanus Benth.

Agathis borneensis Warb.

Agathis beccarii Warb.

Agathis celebica Warb.

Agathis macrostachys Warb.

Local names: Adiangau (Bik.); alinsago (Ig.); almaciga (Sp.); alintagau (Ig.); aninga (Ig.); anano (S.L., Bis.); anting (Neg.); aringa (Klg.); bagtik (Kuy.); balau (C.Bis.); baltik (Tagb.); bidiangau (P.Bis.); badiangau (P.Bis.); biayo (Bis.); bunsog (Ig.); buntog (Ig.); dadiangau (C.Bis., Tag.); dadungoi (Bik.) dinar (Bag.); gala-gala (Tag., Tagb.); ladiangau (Bik., Tag.); makau (C.Bis.); olinsago (Ig.); salang (Neg.); saleng (Neg.); salong (Tag., Bik.); titau (Ting.); uli (Sbl.) uningat (Ilk.).

Almaciga is almost invariably present in the primary forests, chiefly at medium and higher altitudes, from the Babuyan Islands and northern Luzon to Palawan and Mindanao, and in most other islands and provinces. It also occurs in Indo-China, through the Malay Peninsula, and from the Archipelago to the Moluccas. Continue reading “Almaciga herbal medicine”

Alipung herbal medicine






Gmelina asiatica Blanco

Gmelina asiatica Linn. var. philippinensis Bakh.

Gmelina hystrix Kurz

Gmelina inermis Blanco


Local names: alipung (Tag.); alipuñga (Tag.); baga-babui (Tag., Bis.); betebet (Pang.); hosel-bosel (Ilk.); kalulut (Pamp.); paniktik (Sbl.); sousou (Ig.); tuloñgau (P. Bis.).

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Alimpai herbal medicine






Local name: Alimpai (Tag.).


Alimpai is found only in Benguet, Pangasinan and Rizal Provinces in Luzon, and in Palawan, in thickets and ravines at low altitudes, ascending to 400 meters. It is also reported form India to Southern China and southward to Sumatra, Java, Christmas Islands, and Borneo.

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