alugbati herbal medicine






Basella alba Linn.

Basella lucida Linn.

Basella cordifolia Lam.


Local names: Alugbati (Bis.); arogbati (Bik.); dundula (Sul.); grana (Tag.); ilaibakir (Ilk.); libato (Tag.); Malabar nightshade (Eng.); Lo k’uei (Chinese.).


Alugbati is found in settled areas, in hedges, old cultivated areas, etc., throughout the Philippines. It is certainly not a native of the Archipelago but is of prehistoric introduction. It occurs also in tropical Asia, Africa and Malaya, often cultivated.

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Alugbati is one of  the most popular vegetables in western visayas, particularly in the province of Iloilo. It can be grown also in other parts of the country.

The young and tender leaves of alugbati are cooked with other vegetables such or with eggplant, squash, mongo or with meat, dried fish, and shrimps.

Basella alba and Basella rubra are species of alugbati which were introduced into the country and believed to have come from Tropical Asia. Basella alba is the white variety while Basella rubra is the red variety. Continue reading “Alugbati”

Earn cash weekly from alugbati

Earn cash weekly from alugbati

By Dell H. Garcia and Pit La. Cantilang

Alugbati is to Visayans what saluyot is to Ilocanos. The culture of alugbati provides many families in the Visayas with a means of earning a good living; Some families in Iloilo are able to send their children to school by planting alugbati.

Pavia, a town eight kilometers southwest of Iloilo City, is very famous for alugbati. Ilongos regard the residents of Pavia as connoisseurs and expert growers of alugbati.

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