How to make a brick?

Clay Bricks

Bricks have been around since time in memorial. The great wall was made of bricks. The Empire state building is also made of bricks. Bricks is a sturdy cheap material to use. Now a days bricks is used in gardens, streets and walls. Here is a simple article on how to make a brick.


clay, sand, water


shovel, hoe, pickax

strainer, wire #14

wooden scraper

wooden molds 10″ x5″ x12½”

gas oven Continue reading “How to make a brick?”

Hollow Blocks from Coconut Husk

Hollow Blocks from Coconut Husk


Powdered coconut husk molds (made of heavy wood sandy soil or iron)




1. For every part of cement — 6 parts of coconut husk soil (or 50- 50 coconut husk and soil or powdered coconut husk only).

2. Refine and strain soil on 1/4″ wire mesh strainer.

3. If rice husk have long fibers, cut it to 1 inch size.

4. Measure cement and other materials. It is better if the inside diameter of the container measures 30 cm which is enough for one bag of cement. Continue reading “Hollow Blocks from Coconut Husk”

Katol from Lanzones Peel / Mosquito repellant

Katol from Lanzones Peel / Mosquito repellant

There have been some study that like other plants lanzones peel has a certain compound that can repel mosquito. Way back in my elementary days I remember my sister making a project about this. They made a katol made from dried lanzones peeling they even copied the coil like structure of the commercially available katol.

Here’s how they do it.

Materials: Starch, aluminum foil, lazones peeling, commercial katol

  1. Lanzones  was sun dried for a few days.
  2. If the lanzones is fully dried you can now pulverized it using a mortar and pastel.
  3. Mix equal amount of starch and pulverized lanzones peeling add water to make a paste like consistency. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Now get the commercial katol and use the foil to make a mold.
  5. Now pour the mixed starch and lanzones into the mold and let it dry.
  6. You now have a katol.

 If your katol does not burn properly you could increase the ratio of pulverized lanzones

Soap Making – Melt and Pour Procedure.




Melt-and-pour soap base

essental oils /scent

additives: cinnamon, papaya extract , moisturizers.


1. Cut the melt-and-pour soap base to small pieces.

2.  Melt it in a water bath.

3. Stir your soap.

4. You could add coloring, scent and additives.. Example of scent is Ylang ylang, cinnamon,laurel etc.

Additive could be aloe vera for dry and burned skin, glycerin, moisturizes skin,  otamel exfoliate skins.

5 Afterwards pour your. melted soap to the molder. You could spray a releasing agent  like vegetable oil so that the soap can be easily removed from the molder.

6 You could spray lightly alcohol on the soap to eliminate bubbles that form on the surface of the soap.

7 If the soap solidify remove it and let it harden for another 3 hours.

source: Making candle and soaps

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