How to make a brick?

Clay Bricks

Bricks have been around since time in memorial. The great wall was made of bricks. The Empire state building is also made of bricks. Bricks is a sturdy cheap material to use. Now a days bricks is used in gardens, streets and walls. Here is a simple article on how to make a brick.


clay, sand, water


shovel, hoe, pickax

strainer, wire #14

wooden scraper

wooden molds 10″ x5″ x12½”

gas oven


1. Dig soil, remove stones and waste with the use of strainer.

2. Mix with:

25% water (1 part water in 4 parts of soil)

10% sand (10 parts of sand in 10 parts of clay)

Mix well.

3. Put in molds, scrape excess.

4. Remove molds and let dry bricks within 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature.

5. Invert brick so it won’t crack or form wrinkles.

6. Preheat gas oven for 2 hours at 980° C.

7. Arrange bricks alternately

8. Bake for 16 hours.

9. Cool before use.

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