Hollow Blocks from Coconut Husk

Hollow Blocks from Coconut Husk


Powdered coconut husk molds (made of heavy wood sandy soil or iron)




1. For every part of cement — 6 parts of coconut husk soil (or 50- 50 coconut husk and soil or powdered coconut husk only).

2. Refine and strain soil on 1/4″ wire mesh strainer.

3. If rice husk have long fibers, cut it to 1 inch size.

4. Measure cement and other materials. It is better if the inside diameter of the container measures 30 cm which is enough for one bag of cement.

5. Mix the ingredients well with the aid of shovel.

6. Make a mountain with hole at the center to pour water. Mix well to attain desired consistency.

7. Put in a “hollow block” shaped mold the mixture of cement and rice husk. Lay mold on its side on top of a level platform. Fill the mold completely and scrape excess.

8. Place flat wood on top of the mold and invert it. Compress it like the first one and scrape the top. If necessary add more mixture of cement and rice husk/soil.

9. Remove the three sets of blocks from the mold. Remove the lock and push carefully the molded block.

10. Let the block dry under the shades for a few hours to one day after removing from the mold. In drying let it lie on longer sides so it will slide on the longer side.

11. Let it age for 10 days outside. Sprinkle water from time to time to prevent cracks.

The blocks can be used for walls or fence which will not carry weight.

From Salin Agham of FPRDI, DOST, tekno tulong

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