Why Death Toll in Super Typhoon Yolanda is High!


Two days before landfall all sorts of warnings were issued by the government and attached agencies. Low laying areas will be flooded, reinforce your housing, evacuation is necessary etc. The government is hoping for the  best that casualties would be at the minimum but after the storm its like a scene in a war movie . Everything is destroyed , countless of bodies  are everywhere , lifeless.

The reason why there are a lot of  causalities for my opinion is due to Storm Surge, high velocity wind  and  the most important reason is substandard building materials.  The first two is inevitable but the last reason is unforgivable. Yolanda is the strongest storm to hit land for this year and only prayers can be our shield but due to greediness of some businessman casualties are even higher than expected.  Just imagine being hit by a flying roof which was ripped off not entirely due to strong winds but due to substandard materials, G. I. roofs that even ordinary sewing scissor can cut or just merely stepping on it can cause a huge dent. Compare it to the yesteryears roofs that jumping on it will not even cause a dent. Lumber and plywoods that are undersize and too soft. Nails that are a little stronger than wire and adulterated cement that pillars made of it can crumble just by hitting it a few times by a sledge hammer.

I hope DTI would look on to this unscrupulous businessman.

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