High death toll due to Super Storm Yolanda who’s to blame?

On the first  few hours of typhoon Yolanda our government is very optimistic that there is minimal casualties  but just after a day the true scenario was revealed. A lot of dead bodies ,  more than hundreds and expected to reach up to 10 thousand. Who is to blame? The national government that reiterated from time to time that people in low lying areas should evacuate? The local government that  are into automatic mode, the usual preparation for typhoon, evacuate and seek refuge in Churches, School , gymnasium etc. The ordinary Juan who would rather stay at home and protect his properties against looters?

This time around our assets as resilient  people have bitten us in the ass , we believe that we are resilient people that we could overcome any adversary and so as they say “give me your best shot baby” i will stand by here in my shanty Palace… And Yolanda whoop us in the ass left and right to the point we can barely walk.

Stubbornness is different from being resilient, please be advised  that if nature will strike better move over…

I am not saying that all that have died are stubborn people there are just a few who did not listen to the advise of our local government yet now they are pointing fingers at their official accusing them of incompetent etc…

In reality  death is inevitable if your facing a category 5 typhoon /storm but it could have been much lower if only we listen to calls for evacuation, moving to higher grounds and to pray.

Why Death Toll in Super Typhoon Yolanda is High!


Two days before landfall all sorts of warnings were issued by the government and attached agencies. Low laying areas will be flooded, reinforce your housing, evacuation is necessary etc. The government is hoping for the  best that casualties would be at the minimum but after the storm its like a scene in a war movie . Everything is destroyed , countless of bodies  are everywhere , lifeless. Continue reading “Why Death Toll in Super Typhoon Yolanda is High!”