Storm Surge and Yolanda lesson to learn

Storm Surge and Yolanda


Reading the news about storm surge and how people in affected areas  repeatedly says that it is a tsunami  makes me wonder , is technicality important in a would be catastrophe?   In a twitter post By Mahar Lagmay “Kung sinabi namin na may tsunami sa 100 sites, nagtakbuhan ang mga tao, at hindi nangyari, ano sasabihin ng tao?”  As per Mr. Mahar Lagmay, who heads the government weather information dissemination website Project Noah, the storm surge warning is accurate although people are unfamiliar within.

To be fair with PAGASA the forecast is accurate but everyone was overwhelmed with the power of the storm. Everyone underestimated the storm.

Why Death Toll in Super Typhoon Yolanda is High!


Two days before landfall all sorts of warnings were issued by the government and attached agencies. Low laying areas will be flooded, reinforce your housing, evacuation is necessary etc. The government is hoping for the  best that casualties would be at the minimum but after the storm its like a scene in a war movie . Everything is destroyed , countless of bodies  are everywhere , lifeless. Continue reading “Why Death Toll in Super Typhoon Yolanda is High!”