Teodoro Agoncillo – National Scientist


Teodoro Agoncillo is among the first Filipino historian that is renowned for promoting a nationalistic  view of the Filipino History.

Educational Background:

Ph. D. University of the Philippines , 1934

MA, University of the Philippines, 1935 Continue reading “Teodoro Agoncillo – National Scientist”

Ruben Villareal

Ruben L. Villareal

Educational Attainment:

BS Agriculture UPLB, 1960

MS in Agronomy UPLB, 1964

PhD Horticulture specialization in Plant Breeding , Rutger, New Jersey, 1966

One of his research finding contributed to basic studies in mitochondrial biochemistry and ultrastructure.  It ended the incorporation of “T’ cytoplasm in the US and in local corn inbred lines, which translate to thousand of savings in research funds in relation to such studies. Continue reading “Ruben Villareal”

Dolores Ramirez – Filipino Scientist

Dolores  A. Ramirez


Dr. Ramirez is recognized for her researches in biochemical genetics and cytogenetics. She has been working on the genetic systems controlling the makapuno endosperm of coconut; the genetics of chemical resistance factors against Cercospora leaf spot; and the cytogenetics of the hybrids of rice with related wild species.

Dr. Ramirez was holder of the SEARCA Professorial Chair for Genetics (1974-76) , and recipient of the Gregorio Y. Zara award in basic research (1976), Rizal Pro patria award for outstanding achievement in science (biochemical genetics0 (1981), and UP Professorial achievement award in agriculture (1985).

She was a graduate of University of the Philippines , B.S.A., 1956. M Sc. (Cytogenetics) , University of Minnesota, 1958. Ph. D. (Biochemical Genetics) Purdue University, 1963. Born September 20 1931.

Source: Directory of Academician and Outstanding Young Scientist

Dolores Ramirez Picture

Luz Oliveros-Belardo – Filipino Scientist

Dr. Belardo spend five decades f her life studying the chemistry of natural products and essential oils from Philippine plants. She has extracted 33 new Philippine essential oils and studied their chemical and physical properties. results of her work found application in the creation of new flavors and in herbal medication.

Her consistent work on phytochemical research brought her honors and 32 awards among which are: The Lunsford-Richardson Award in Pharmacy, USA, 1956; Philippine Pharmaceutical Association Outstanding Pharmacist 1963;   Federacion International de Abogadas Award 1979; Waseda University Plaque of Recognition, Japan, 1981; Professional Regulation Commission Award in Pharmacy, 1983; National Research Council of the Philippines Award in Phytochemistry, 1984; Distinguished Leadership Award in Chemistry, USA, 1985; El Consejo Cultural Mundial Award Mexico, 1988.

Source:  Directory of academicians and outstanding young scientists